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Where the living is easy... rural lifestyle without the work

Many people leave the city to seek out the great outdoors only to become burdened with daily farm chores...

Meadowlinks provides the privacy and closeness to nature that the rural lifestyle brings, whilst maintaining many of the conveniences of easy city living through a very unique real estate opportunity.

Meadowlinks is a unique opportunity to live a rural lifestyle with views over meadows and out to the mountains while being surrounded by a superb golf course.

A ha-ha provides a seamless border between the residential lots and the deer farm, resulting in a panoramic view of deer frolicking in the foreground and views of the Four Peaks and the Southern Alps in the background.

Quietness and tranquility, while within easy walking distance of Pleasant Point.

The content within the Meadowlinks website is subject to change, without notice, at the vendor's discretion
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