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Please see our brochure for further information on rules, bylaws and design guidelines, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. See the Updates page for more photos of Meadowlinks and surroundings.


Each residential lot owner has a 100% ownership of their particular lot plus 1/13th share of Lot 13.

All the common areas including roading, mailboxes, pond, walkway, haha, water supply infrastructure, deer facilities and deer enclosure are in Lot 13. The freehold land surrounding the subdivision; Lot 14, also has a 1/13th share in Lot 13 and has similar rights and obligations.

The Residents Association is the lessee of the communal facilities and looks after the Meadowlinks Farm Estate infrastructure.


Every lot owner is required to be a member of the Meadowlinks Farm Estate Residents Association Incorporated (Residents Associate).

Lot 13 is leased to the Residents Association. Through a clear set of rule the members, on an annual basis, elect a Board. The Board has contracted with the developer to manage the Residents Association's costs for a 10 year period.

The Residents Association has also granted the developer a 10 year Licence to Occupy the deer farm which is part of the common property.

The content within the Meadowlinks website is subject to change, without notice, at the vendor's discretion
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